I had a data recovery project for a couple this month and it seemed pretty straight-forward.  An external hard drive had years of data on it and it disappeared when my client was organizing it.  I put the drive on one of my computers and proceeded to sift through it.  In one of the folders about five folders down many pictures were found. Excitement ensued when I found about 60 GB of pictures, documents and videos in many folders.

Later, I found out from the owner of the external drive they already had the files I thought discovered!   I had been talking to the husband and I should have been talking to the wife!  They were missing later files from 2020 and later.  They ones I found were 2014 to 2020. So I started again searching for these files.  They were located in another folder several layers down.  The problem now was they couldn’t be read by any of my computers which included Windows 11, 10 Macintosh and Linux OSs.  So the data she wanted was found but unusable.



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