Today I was posting some items for sale on FaceBook Marketplace. Pictures were taken with one of my old smartphones and they needed moved to FB.  My goal was to connect the smartphone’s USB port to the computer. The USB connector was on the rear of the computer and it couldn’t be seen from my location. I fumbled around trying to plug in the connector and suddenly the computer shut down. It looked like I might have shorted the 5 volt line to ground and fried the computer!  Or I static shocked the computer.

Sometimes, removing electrical power to an electronic device will clear any weird state it’s in so I was going to unplug the power cord and leave it set a while. I tried turning on the computer with the power button and it was a no go – no lights or noises.  Next, I went for the power cord at the rear to unplug it and it fell out of the power supply connector!  Hallelujah it was only a loose cord and not a blown motherboard!  

My computer comes on now and I went on with downloading my pictures.

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