A client called me this week when there 1 year-old All-in-one computer died last week. It was working fine one day and then the next – nothing. The screen was blank and no internal noise when they mentioned a week before the speakers were starting to make a crackling noise.  Unfortunately, it went out warranty last month so I brought it back to my workbench to repair. I was thinking about why the computer died.  There’s no way i can find out.  But some of the causes can be static electricity from humans, power anomalies on the electrical line and component failure.  In this case, the electricity connects to an external AC adapter/power supply and it tested good.  So I don’t think it was a electrical power problem.  

In the case of static electricity, I don’t remember if my client’s room had carpet in it but I doubt it..  Carpet can generate static electricity and possibly damage a computer when you touch the case.  Probably, the system board inside failed.  I tried troubleshooting by removing RAM, SSD , CMOS battery, wireless adapter and cables from the board. The computer still wouldn’t power on and I’m afraid it is dead.

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