I was at a new client today who found me on Google. they thought their Windows 10 desktop computer had a hardware problem. Their Windows icons didn’t look right on their computer monitor and they were smaller.  I started investigating and discussing the problem with my client and I noticed the icons on the left side were too close to the edge.  I checked for a new video driver and the latest was already present in the system.  To re-align the icons along the edge, I used the monitor’s front panel adjustment buttons and ran auto-focus and this worked.

Next, the icon size was addressed by opening the display properties. I Changed the resolution to the default size of 1024 X 768 from the larger size it was on.  Now my client said it looked better and like it did before the problems started.  From what I can tell, the video card was fine and their problem was their Windows 10 video settings and monitor settings.

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