Someone texted me tonight that they screwed up their Windows 7 laptop when they were doing some housecleaning on it.  They removed the display adapter driver somehow and now their Windows 7 desktop icons were huge. It needed changed back so the computer could be used again. The display resolution was 800X600 which is far too low for a modern laptop.  I connected remotely through the internet and luckily could work on the problem.  The Device Manager was opened and I saw the Standard VGA was active under Display Adapters.  My client mentioned they may have removed an Intel graphics adapter and this made sense because the Standard VGA isn’t used much anymore.  I removed it from the Display adapters and let the laptop restart.  My thinking is after the Windows restart, the operating system will notice no display adapter is installed and it will search for one and find and install the correct one.  My assumption was right and after the restart, a few minutes, elapsed and  the correct display adapter was installed. After a little tweaking, the Windows 7 desktop was back to normal and all the icons were normal size as before.  I think my client will be more careful next time they clean their Windows 7 laptop.

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