I like dogs and thats a good thing because some of my Fort Wayne computer repair clients have dogs in their businesses and homes. Yesterday, for example, I had three service calls and two of the calls had dogs.  My first stop had two large ones and my second stop there was a small one.  I can’t remember breeds but I know at the first stop the dogs were probably 70 lbs each and the second stop it was maybe 10 lbs. If the dogs are friendly, I pet them and talk to them and let them get to know me. Years ago, a dog took a USB drive out of my laptop case but didn’t damage it.  It did that with any visitor to the business – he was a friendly thief.  At another client there are three smaller dogs and two are very friendly to me and the third barks and growls.   At a former client they had a hyper Boxer which was very friendly but ran around like a maniac in their business at times.  Another client had a smaller dog which would play with his toys with me during my service call. At the other extreme is the client which has a dog which is very protective of their domain and has to be put in a separate room whenever I visit.  The one place I see the most dogs is the pet boarding business which has many dogs.  There is constant barking at this client and they also have a resident cat which roams the business. 

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