Dropbox, a cloud storage service, has become an integral part of my computer life since I started using it five years ago. Dropbox has many features and I use it to save important files to the cloud in the event case my local copy on my computer is lost. They offer a free account with 10GB total space and also various pay versions.

This is one place my accounting program database gets backed up to in case my accounting computer has a problem. Then I can run the program on another computer and upload the database from Dropbox. The second way I use it is for transferring pictures from my smart phones to my websites for blogs I write.  The third way I use it is for saving articles from email newsletters so they can be accessed anywhere.

Dropbox is installed on my Windows 10, Windows 7,and my Linux Mint computers as well as my Apple laptop. My Android smart-phone also has it installed. I think I am getting too dependent on Dropbox as a backup source because I forget to make local backups of my files. Probably because I assume Dropbox is always going to be there without any problems on my computers.  It’s good to have local backups as well as cloud backups in my opinion and that’s why I use USB thumb drives and external hard drives.  

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