I was on a Fort Wayne computer service call last month and one of the things they wanted to do was play a CD on their computer, but they were having problems.  I tried to eject the tray of the CD/DVD player and it slowly opened. The CD was placed in the tray and closed. The audio CD wouldn’t play and the CD LED wouldn’t light up.  I opened the Windows 7 Device Manager and didn’t even see a CD/DVD drive listed which isn’t good.  I ran the “Scan for hardware changes” part of Device Manager and it didn’t find the CD/DVD drive.  It looked like it had died but to verify, I tried one of my tricks to see if Windows was the problem or it it was hardware.  The computer was booted into the BIOS setup and it didn’t even see the CD/DVD drive so I knew the CD/DVD drive had failed. One more thing was tried: The computer cover was removed and I disconnected the drive and reattached it to a different power cable and data cable and data port. It still didn’t respond so the owner was informed and they said to leave it alone for now.  These CD/DVD drives don’t last forever and do fail eventually after heavy use.

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