I had a new business client service call last month which involved two desktop computers and a laptop. One of the desktop computers wouldn’t turn on and my client thought it was dead.  I started doing a visual inspection on the computer and found it looked ok; the power cord was tight into the power supply and the power supply setting was on 115 instead of 220V.  Next I wanted to check if the computer was getting electrical power.  It was connected to a electrical power strip and I made sure the power switch was “ON” and it was connected to a wall receptacle.  I wanted to ensure the power strip was good and could have gone to my vehicle and got my voltage tester and plugged it into the electrical power strip. Instead, I bypassed the power strip and connected the computer’s power cord directly into the wall receptacle and the computer powered on and worked fine.  My client threw out the power strip and started using the computer again.  Sometimes a dead computer isn’t the computer at all.

Rear of PC showing Power Supply

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