I was summoned to a Fort Wayne office this week for an old clone computer that was freezing randomly while in use.  To my surprise, it had Linux Mint 17 installed as the main operating system.  It originally had windows XP media center on it and a relative of my client installed Linux in a dual-boot scenario. This was a great idea to prolong the computer’s life and I’ve done that on many computers. I started a visual inspection on the computer hardware and while I was checking the rear, I touched the power cord where it was connected to power supply. The computer monitor flickered and then the computer shut down!  I got a replacement power cord from my car and removed and replaced the defective cord. I never had a problem the rest of the service call with the computer restarting so the power cord was the problem. I think this was the first time I ever repaired a restarting computer with a new power cord. It’s usually something else more complicated.  


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