Yesterday a desperate email was received from one of my commercial computer clients.  They receive service orders via email and just found out one of these emails got sent directly to their Trash folder.  It sat there unbeknownst to them for a few days while their client assumed my client was working on this rush order.    Well, they weren’t and they wanted me to uncover why this one email address gets sent to trash.    

I connected remotely to their computer and started looking in all the settings for their web-based email client.  I couldn’t find anything that would have diverted the email like a spam rule or black-list rule.  What I found was in June and July my client was receiving the emails in their Inbox so something happened in late July or early August.  After searching help, I discovered a filter rule buried three levels down under Options.  It said to send any emails from the email address in question to the Trash folder!   My client never intentionally set this filter so we’ll never know how it got there.  My hunch is they hit a keyboard sequence which set this filter. 



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