Should I e-mail clients when I use Social Media so often? That is one question I have been asking myself for a long time.  I used to send out a regular e-mail message to all my clients just to let them know I was still alive and doing computer repair.  But lately, with all the spam I have been getting in my e-mail inboxes, I ceased doing a regular email message.  Another reason is that my presence on social media is strong.  I once had a social media person tell me they use me as an example for what to do on social media for their clients. I try and post about other businesses, networking groups, and then about my company.  I share this blog across social media platforms hoping to get more business and get new people and networkers to my web site.  Two of my computer repair clients e-mail me their newsletter every week on Thursdays so some companies are still doing it. The flip side of this discussion is that not all my clients are on social media all my clients have an e-mail address.  Are you sending e-mails on a regular basis to clients or do you rely on social media to stay in touch? qr-gconsultus

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