Many of my computer repair clients use email to communicate with me. I prefer it over other methods because for most situations, it’s efficient and non-intrusive.  Of, course, I respond and use other types like texting, phone calls and social media.

One way I use email is to send invoices for my computer repair business to clients. I’ve emailed thousands of invoices over the years and it has saved money on postage and not to mention it’s faster than postal mail.

Lately, my emails to one client have been unreliable. In the past they had three email addresses which I used. One of the email accounts was closed five years ago and I stopped using it.  I kept using the remaining two to send invoices and general communications assuming they were receiving them. Eventually, I picked one as the only one I used and my client still never got the emails.  No bounce messages were ever received on my end so I never really knew what was going on.  On my client’s end, I checked their Spam and trash folders and no signs of any of my messages were ever there.  Last month, we started talking about this again and I sent some test emails to both accounts and one account received them and none for the other.  My client said only one of the email accounts was valid- of course it was the one I wasn’t using.  Now I’m using the correct one and they are receiving the messages and I don’t have to call and interrupt them when I need to communicate!

My guess on what happened is that when I originally set up his email program, Microsoft Outlook, several years ago both the address were valid and he could receive both.  He got a new computer and I probably set up his mail program only for the one he wanted.

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