I got a call from a business client today who couldn’t access one of their email accounts this Monday. They use Outlook Web access through Mozilla Firefox and it’s been working until last week. Previously, I set their home page to their Outlook web site, but now Firefox goes to a suspicious map search engine that my client didn’t want. They also don’t know how to change it in Firefox so something else changed their home page. I connected remotely and opened Firefox and it came up with thisIt’s blurry on the image, but If you look under “Home Page” you’ll see an extension named Maps controls the homepage which isn’t a good idea. I disabled it and now their original outlook live page starts with Firefox. 

I wanted to find out how it got changed and asked my client if they had any ideas. They said they had been searching for driving directions on-line lately. One of the web sites probably asked them to change their home page and my client may have allowed it. That is my guess.


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