A new Fort Wayne computer repair client called me this month wanting assistance with their email. They were using a Windows 7 desktop computer with Mozilla Thunderbird as the email client. They could open the email messages, but when they clicked on any link inside a message, nothing happened.

Opening the links worked in the past so I started to investigate.  Different messages were tried and all did the same thing – nothing when a link was clicked.  I couldn’t see anything wrong with Thunderbird and I decided to try comcast web mail directly through a web browser, Firefox. My client was fine with that and they were tired of using Thunderbird, anyway.  It was easier said than done because the password didn’t work on comcast’s web site.

After discussing possible passwords and realizing they didn’t know it – something different was tried. We started the reset procedure for his comcast account and luckily their backup email account was accessible.  Once we received the reset message, we changed the password to the one my client wanted.  

Now we could open his email in the web browser and his links opened as well! they were glad to I suggested he keep Thunderbird installed in case he can’t find something in his comcast webmail like a message or contact.




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