For the last two months or so one of my business email accounts has been getting daily messages about a business loan I didn’t want. They were from multiple people from different addresses. Several things were tried like ignoring them, flagging them as spam and trying unsubscribing.  The messages kept coming and I knew some email systems had ways to block messages based on rules. 

I started looking for the settings on my cPanel web site administration console and found it.  The section was EMAIL and then Email Filters.  Each of my email account had a section for Managing Filters.  A new filter was added that used the From address as the criteria.  All to do next was to determine what to do with the message and I set it to discard.  Other choices were available like send to a folder or redirect to an email address.  Below is the screen for what to do with the message.

I’ll keep you posted if the previous spam messages return or not.  Has spam causing you problems with your email?  Let me know if you need help.  

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