Once upon a time long ago E-mail was a productive tool for my business and it was used often to communicate with my clients. Eventually I started sending out a monthly newsletter to my clients and some said they enjoyed reading it. Fast forward to today and e-mail has been ruined with the spam and near-spam messages. I have one owner of a new social media-like company sending me a message a day about using his product. I’ll get around to it sometime just not now. Other messages are pure spam and I try and flag it as such.

One of the things you can do is enable spam filters in your email settings or control panel. Some e-mail platforms have them and others don’t. Another approach I use is create e-mail accounts on my business web site. One is for outgoing invoices, one is for client communications, one is for IT newsletter subscriptions, and one is for messages from my web site, etc. I have one for possible spam/junk subscriptions. I use it if I suspect I’ll get flooded with spam. Later i can always change the email account to one of my others.

What are your thoughts on e-mail? Do you use it much? Don’t use it at all?

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