I caution my computer clients that emails can be misleading with incorrect advice and directions.  They usually contain a web link or phone number to contact.  Saturday I got an email from a current client asking if an email message was a scam or real.  It stated their current Yahoo email mailbox was outdated and needed updated pronto. 

He forwarded the message to me which I opened with my Linux or Apple computer.  In my opinion it’s safer than opening it up with a Microsoft Windows computer.  The first red-flag was the recipient list was out in the open in the To field. There were a hundred or more addresses listed and I know no legitimate internet provider would do this.   The other problem was the web link in the message stated that “We are closing all old versions of our mailbox for this month of May 2022.”  This is a trick to get people to click on the link because this is a web-based email program which uses a web browser and not a local program that needs updated.   The link was examined and it sent the browser to a dangerous location which wasn’t from their Internet provider.  My Brave web browser flagged it as dangerous as you can see below and blocked me from visiting.  


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