Last month, I had a computer service call to help recover data from a Windows 7 computer so it could be moved to a new Windows 10 computer. The files and folders and bookmarks were pretty straight forward for me.  My client also wanted his email setup on the new computer and I asked him which email he used.  When I heard It was Juno, I had to think about how it was going to be done because it wasn’t as simple as just setting a shortcut in a web browser for my client. Juno is similar to AOL email where the email actually does reside on the local computer and not in the cloud. This makes it more complicated because I have to identify the folders holding their inbox, sent, deleted on the Windows 7 computer and copy it to their new computer. Additionally, I have to find the Juno mail program and install it on the new Windows 10 computer.

I researched on Juno’s web site and I don’t recall if it helped any for the file migration, but I did find a Juno email program which we installed on the new computer. On the Windows 7 computer, I found the folder containing the email messages: c:\ProgramData\Juno\ISP\OER\USR0000. It had Addrbook.nv plus others for the messages. These were copied to a USB thumb drive and then to the new computer.  This got their Juno mail working and they could open their inbox and send and receive messages. Their address book was also there as well.

I suggested that they keep the old computer around for a month or two in case they forgot a fold or file we didn’t copy to the new one and they agreed.

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