This week one of my old-time clients called for help when they changed internet providers. They could could connect and browse the internet, but they couldn’t figure out how to access their new email account. The problem started when they were gone when the new internet provider service technician came out on-site and switched out equipment.  My client couldn’t find any paperwork describing their username or password or website.  Their spouse was present during this time, but couldn’t remember anything.   My client did remember speaking to the internet provider on the phone and they gave them a username and password.  The name and password didn’t work for us when logging into the email website. I did an on-line chat with a tech and didn’t get far because my client’s name was not on the account; only their spouses so they couldn’t help us.  I called them this time to explain the situation and the spouse had to give the ISP permission to help us.  Three phone calls later, we get my client into her email.  The main technical  problem was the username we thought my client had was incorrect so every time we tried to login it didn’t recognize it.  The problem was the ISP gave my client a different username than they thought they had.  The name had an “N” in to and she thought it was an “M”.  Another problem was the password was wrong and when we went to change and verify, we had problems.  They’re happy now and can get into their email, but it was too much aggravation for something that should have been easier. My client said, “I could have never have figured this out!” One interesting note was two of the people I spoke to were overseas and the other two were “easy-to-speak-to” Americans.

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