Spam has ruined email for me as a business communication method.  I used to send a semi-regular newsletter to my computer clients via Mailchimp, the marketing and email automation service.  I’ve stopped  sending  them since the spam increase in the last few years.  I don’t want my company to get classified as sending spam.  I’m guessing my inbox messages are 75% spam which wastes my time sorting through them. 

Recently, I found my web/email hosting company has a email filter system which I started using this month. It allows you to whitelist or blacklist a sender’s email address.  Whitelisting is classifying an email address as safe and to allow it.  A blacklisted address is unwanted and rejected.  Another filter option is setting a rule.  This can be very specific or general.  One example is filtering all messages with a word or phrase in the subject and another would be the body contains a word.   There are many other criteria that I can build filters and I won’t bore you with them now. 

After a month or so it looks like less spam is hitting my inbox and more is getting deleted or going to the spam folder.  If spam is ruining your email experience see if your system has filters you can implement or ask me for help.  



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