I use email for my business and personal needs and I always forget how insecure it is.  It can be read at the email host and possibly by people who intercept it along the way.  One of the things I’ve heard is authorities can request access to your messages from your email host and they get it. 

There is a company in Switzerland with a secure email service called ProtonMail.  It uses encryption along all parts of the email route including storage on the servers.  Even they can’t read or decrypt your messages so it’s much safer for your email. 

One of my email accounts is from comcast and I know it isn’t secure for email.   They are one of the globalist companies that I want to avoids.  I’m going to start transferring my email from comcast to Protonmail even though Comcast offers 7 email accounts to their customers.   

I encourage you to get a free account at protonmail.com like I have and start protecting your messages

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