There have about 15 email accounts for my business for various functions like invoicing, client communications, newsletters, my web site, and others. When I first got my web site, I checked them for messages individually through a web site. The password and email address had to be entered each time I changed accounts which is time-consuming. This is on a computer – my smartphone is an easier procedure.
In the last year I discovered I could do it another way with the admin interface for the web site. It’s a much easier procedure than doing it individually for each account. All the email accounts are on one page and easy to access. The last few weeks I found one of the webmail clients, Horde, is missing from my choices. The webmail client just takes the information and creates a user interface. The only choice is a webmail client I don’t like but I’m forced to use. For the past week I’ve been hunting my admin interface for a way to enable Horde again and nothing’s been found. Searches on the internet didn’t help any either. I’ve put in a message to my web site person and will be hoping they have some answers because I miss some of the features of Horde which isn’t in the Roundcube interface.

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