Last month a computer client messaged me about their new wide-screen television.  They wanted to connect their audio system they’ve owned for many years to it.  It had a CD changer and tuner along with an amplifier.  I made a visit to the client’s location to see everything in person.  Pictures were taken and questions were asked while I was there. I didn’t see any RCA jacks on the TV – just modern connectors like HDMI and RJ-45(network).  Their stereo system didn’t have anything like that.

I spent some time at my office to figure out the TV project and it didn’t look possible with the equipment they have.  It was beyond my expertise because I’m not familiar with these newer entertainment TV systems.   I suggested they consult with an entertainment equipment person/company.  I used to know someone who did this  but I think they don’t do it any longer.

My client was glad I had tried to help them even though I couldn’t provide a solution. 

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