I always heard that a business needs a web page and I agree.  But what if you can’t afford one or have bad experiences with web pages? Can you get results with just Social Media?  I think you can, but you have to be active posting a variety of things consistently.  I suggest you start with FaceBook and LinkedIn if you are not on them yet. I post three types of business things on social media: posts about networking groups, posts about my clients and people I know,  and my own articles from my web site. You don’t need a web site to write your own articles. You can post them directly on Social Media Sites.  My web site helps my visibility for search engines and I get business by being found, but I also get noticed on Social media from existing computer repair clients and new ones. I recently had a new client find my Facebook company page and another find my Fort Wayne computer repair videos on my business YouTube.  They didn’t see my web site or need it since my information was on Social Media. My blog also helps my visibility when I post it on LinkedIn.  This month two LinkedIn members messaged me for computer assistance. One of them said she liked one of my articles and remembered me from it. What are your thoughts? Has Social Media helped your business?

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