One way to advertise and promote your brand or business is to create a Facebook  brand page for it. I did that for my computer repair company, Shane Grantham Consulting, Inc. I originally categorized it as a Company, but I could have done it as a local business.  When Facebook users search for computer repair, I show up along with others in my category.

One feature of my company page is Reviews. Facebook users can rate my company between 1 and 5 and also write a review.  Hopefully, a prospective client will read them and choose me over my competition since I have over 30 with an average of 4.9/5.0. 

I try and rate and review my networkers and service providers on their pages, but the other day I was going to rate someone and I couldn’t find their Review button. I messaged them and they said they didn’t have one. A few days later they added it.  Make sure your Facebook brand page has a review button and if it doesn’t, go into Settings – Edit Page -Reviews and change it.

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