I have a Facebook personal account and a Facebook company page for my Fort Wayne computer repair company.  The company page was created to help networkers, clients and future clients find my company on Facebook.  I also have a Google business listing (also called Google Places or Google Maps listing).  This is so my company can be found by new clients when they are searching the Internet.  Starting last year, I began asking my clients to rate and review my company on Google.  I had a small number respond and review me, but I wish more had responded. Maybe one of the barriers was the requirement to have a Google Plus account.  My guess is that most of my computer repair clients don’t have a Google Plus account.  I helped some of them create one so they could review me.  Since many of my clients are on Facebook I ask them to rate and review my company on my Facebook company page.   They already have an account, so it should be easier for them than creating a Google Plus account. To rate and review my company, search for Shane Grantham Consulting in Facebook.  When you find my page, click on the Reviews tab and then on “Tell people what you think”. You can leave a star rating and a review or just a star rating.  I encourage to also do this for other companies who have helped you.  This way Facebook users including your friends can see what companies to trust and hopefully use,

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