I have a fairly new smartphone and it’s been a great tool for my business – I can be about anywhere and my clients and family can get in touch with me with a phone call, text, email, or a Social Media message.

With all the good things it offers, one negative thing has surfaced:  it’s Facebook Messenger wanting to be my default text messaging application.  I haven’t researched this much but I will after I write this blog.  My previous smartphone didn’t have this annoyance that I recall. 

Every few weeks (I think) an alert appears saying something like “Messenger wants to be your texting app.  Allow or Deny?”  If I deny, I can’t text message with any app so I have to allow. Then when I’m in Facebook, my test messages show up which I don’t want. They need to be separate.   It’s also harder to text someone when I’m in the FB messenger.  Then somehow the default texting app goes back to Messages.  I have a client asking me about the same thing.  Has anyone else had this issue? 

For the time being, I removed the FB messenger app from my phone and see if I can survive with Messages. 

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