Besides computer issues I also work with clients on their Social Media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook.  I was working on a computer/printer problem for a regular client last month and they also had a Facebook aggravation.

Somehow, they had created two Facebook accounts over the past year and only one of them was accessible. Luckily, it was the most current with the most friends compared with the other one. The second one had no profile picture and and only a fraction of the friends of the first one. They asked me to get rid of the extra one without hurting the desired one.  Every Facebook account is tied to an email address and password; without them, it will be hard to access the account.

I started asking my client what they knew about the second account so I could attempt to deactivate it.  They told me they didn’t know how it got created or when they did it.  Their name was unique enough that it couldn’t be someone else with the same name  And the friends of the second account were known to my client.  My client told me all his email account names including ones he doens’t use any longer.  They also told me possible passwords throughout their computer liftime.  I started trying the email accounts with the passwords and found the correct credentials.  I went into account settings and deactivated the account.

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