A networker called me today with an interesting scenario: Their Windows 10 laptop mouse touch-pad stopped working in Facebook and AOL. Everywhere else they were fine including word processors and spreadsheets. The mouse touchpad works in other web pages as well. I was trying to think of a situation where I experienced something like this in the past and I never have. They said they only use Chrome browser for the internet and I suggested another web browser be tested to see if the behavior follows it. They could also try another computer to see if the mouse works on it in Facebook and AOL. 15 minutes later, they Facebook messaged me with great news,”You were right!!! I used another browser & mouse & touch screen are working. You are fabulous!” They were happy using a different web browser like Microsoft Edge (which comes with Windows 10) so they could use the mouse again in Facebook and AOL. Sometimes, a different web browser is all it takes to solve a computer problem. 

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