I have a challenging problem when I post articles from my personal web site, shanegrantham.com. Pictures show correctly from my business site, Gconsult.us. There’s never an error when I share an article. The picture fills in on the post and soon as I click, share the image disappears. The article does post with a link to my web site- it’s just missing a picture. I’ve clicked on the info start to investigate why this happens and it says, “Link unavailable – Could not find a Facebook Page for shanegrantham.com”

The problem may be that I have a personal and a business facebook page. My first Facebook account is under gconsult which is related to my business. I use it mostly as a personal page and later i added a business Facebook: shane Grantham consulting. This may be related to the issue.

I want to be cautious changing Facebook settings since I have a small following on it. I’ll keep searching for a cause maybe it is on my shanegrantham.com web site.

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