I wrote about the Vista laptop a few days ago that was having problems. I started a Comodo cleaning Essentials scan and it ran at least 9 hours without any infections found, but the laptop froze and i never did find out if it was clean. The Comodo Cleaning Essentials looks for Rootkits and other malware everywhere on the computer. I’ve seen it scan over 800,000 objects on some computers. These objects include memory locations, hard drive files and registry entries. After the laptop restart, I started a Comodo full scan to see if it finds anything. I also started the Comodo Killswitch which shows details on the processes, applications and services running in real-time.  I am looking for any suspicious items but really didn’t see any.  Instead of spending more time on it, I realized this computer has a factory restore option to clear out everything and start over.  To access it, I ran the advanced startup options from the F8 key when the computer starts. Then selected “Repair your computer”. After that the “Dell Factory Image Restore” was selected. Other models access the factory recovery with different keystrokes.  Once i did this, the computer is much better and ready for Linux to be installed along-side Vista.

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