About a year ago, I downloaded some TV episodes from the internet and wanted to move them to a permanent location on a file server so I could watch them on any computer on my network.

Somehow, during the file transfer, the files were lost. All the details have escaped me, but I probably searched in nearby folders to the destination folder and also the source folder. They never were located and were  forgotten since they weren’t as important as my company files.

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my Dropbox folder which is used frequently for file transfers and storage.  The Program folder was opened in hopes of deleting unneeded files and to my surprise the lost files were located! Clearly, I got in a hurry a year ago and had a drag and drop accident.  I probably cut the files from the source instead of copying them which is a smarter way to do it. The files were in the buffer and while I was moving the mouse cursor over the file folders’ the mouse button was probably released too soon.

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