Your computer’s desktop is your creative space and should be setup the way you want it. It should also help you be productive, too.  Over the years, I’ve seen all kinds of desktops from crammed full of icons to very sparse.  I was at a computer repair client of mine several years ago where a user’s Windows desktop was completely full of icons for shortcuts to all their programs and files. It worked for them, but I prefer using folders for my most of my icons on the desktop. Folders can be created for the desktop in Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple. I’ve even created a smartphone desktop folder for holding Social Media apps.

To create a folder in Microsoft Windows, right-click on the desktop and then left-click on New- Folder. Then you can name it and move icons into it.  In Linux Mint you right-click on the desktop and then select “Create Folder”.I usually have a folder for Tools, Browsers and Music on my computers. 

Have you ever used folders on your desktop?

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