Staying nourished on the road can be difficult when I travel to different businesses from day to day and sometimes to areas which are new.  I used to eat at the nearest restaurant to my computer repair client if it was near lunch or dinner time, but I didn’t always like the choices available to me. One of my clients, Tim Didier Meats has a salesperson, Joe Didier, who is fun to talk to. Joe carries a portable cooler filled with food in his vehicle as he travels around his territory.  If he can’t find a restaurant he likes or he has no time, he has food with him.  So I found my old Coleman cooler my wife and I2016-04-12 09.44.17 bought at the E.H. Tepe store which is now HH Gregg store.  It’s nice to see this was made in Wichita, Kansas.  The cooler is probably too big for one person, but it is sturdy and keeps my food cool with an ice pack thrown in. Hard-boiled eggs, carrot sticks, celery sticks, pecans, walnuts, almonds, apples, baby spinach, Kind bars and coconut oil are some of the things it holds.  It also has my powdered vitamin canister and fish oil tablets, too. Carrying it in the car has saved me from starving when I can’t stop at a restaurant or on a long service call. It’s has saved me money and helped me eat healthier by avoiding the fast food places or other restaurants. How do you stay nourished on the road? 

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