One of my regular computer clients called me yesterday about their printer. They ship a lot in their business and when printer problems arise, business stops for them. This year I’ve rectified a few printer issues via remote control and I couldn’t believe they were still having them. An on-site service call was better for this situation so I could see my client in action with the printer and computer.

Upon arrival I was taken to the computer which had a message on the monitor. They told me it was a printer message. After reading it over and over It was NOT a printer message, but a Firefox web browser crash message. Firefox is their web browser and they always have three tabs open. Linux, their operating system, had 7 updates available and one was for Firefox. While the updates installed, my client said they have a related problem on the TV. We walked out to see the problem on the TV. The program information for each channel was missing whenever a channel was changed or the Guide button on the remote device was pressed. A messaged popped up on the TV screen with advice. My client thought the computer message and this message was related and I explained it wasn’t; so it was good I was on-site to see it live. I took the needed steps on the TV and got the program/channel information working.

I could have easily done a remote service call on the computer and probably got the computer working but I wouldn’t be able to have fixed the TV remotely. The TV needed physical access and my client’s phone call never mentioned the TV. My client is happier having the computer and TV problems solved in one visit so they can conduct business and watch their game shows.

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