I was entering something in Google Calendar on my smartphone the other day and I looked away at a client’s laptop I was repairing. When I tried to find it a few minutes later in the calendar, it had vanished!  I searched for it on other days of the calendar, but couldn’t locate it.  All day events were also searched and it appeared gone!  These were my notes for my clients laptop and needed them for later research. 

A few days later, I stumbled across this calendar entry in my calendar.  I had somehow set the time zone to Greece or another country and it was on the same day, just at 2 AM local time!  The time zone was set back to USA Eastern and it showed up again at 4pm where it was supposed to be. 

Next time I lose a calendar entry, I’ll search the entire day in case it was a time zone mistake.  Be careful when entering google calendar items on the smartphone.  If it’s a large entry, you might back it up to a note so you have it in case of an accident.

Has anything like this happened to you?  what happened?

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