For the last week I’ve been trying to get all the info for a contact in my smartphone Google contacts to show up on my Google contacts on a computer. Some of contact information will not show up when I’m viewing it on in a web browser. The name, phone number, and email show up in both places.

I’ve checked in the settings to see if it was hidden or if it was under a different category and it wasn’t. I’ve got a client category and a couple others but I never put him under a specific category. The Google contact was searched thoroughly for something filtering or hiding it and nothing was found. The two contacts were compared and they both were identical in the name.

I finally realized it was the notes section which was missing! Everything else was ok. I looked closer on my smartphone and there are more than one section for notes. The smartphone notes were in section 2 and when it was moved to section 1, they showed up on the Google contacts on a computer!

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