Someone at my business networking group asked me to assist them with their google business reviews.   It made me think of what I did to get 50+ 5 star reviews on my business profile.  This was probably 10 years ago when I started the process.

First I created a listing on Google and had to wait on a post card with instructions to complete the listing.  Next I began emailing all my computer clients with a polite request to rate and/or review my company.   The majority of my clients ignored my request but I did get 56 so far after 10 years.  This is more than most of my competitors and 56 looks better than 12, 4 or 20 when people compare Shane Grantham Consulting to others.  Some of my clients admitted they didn’t know how to review and couldn’t get the link I sent to work.  A few wanted me to assist and so I got them into my Google link and they wrote a review.

I just got a new review yesterday from a new client and I made sure to thank them on the review.  My next Google review task is back up my reviews and share some on my web page.  

Does your business have a Google listing?  Do you ask people to review you?  


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