I guess I’m a hypocrite. Why?  Because I use Google apps like Contacts and Calendar. But I also distrust Google for spying on it’s users and being a front for corporate and government surveillance. 

In the past I used Zoho on-line apps which isn’t connected to Google.  When I got my first Android smartphone around 2011 I may have been using Zoho apps.  I think it was hard to get it working on the phone so I just gave in and switched to Google apps.  I hate to admit it, but they work well and sync with my smartphones and computers including my Mac and my Linux ones.

So I use Google apps because I like the convenience and how well it works. Another reason is I am too lazy to search for something for Android that respects my privacy. One thing I do as often as possible is use a privacy search engine like startpage.com in place of google.com which stores your searches.

If you run across an Android app which respects privacy. tell me what it is so I can investigate it.

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