I listen to many news and information programs and one things I’ve learned is Google not a good company for us.  They censor search results in their search engine.  They grab data from those who use their programs and share with various organizations.  In networking groups and my blogs I try to warn people of this evil company.  Suggestions for better search engines are startpage.com and duckduckgo.com. 

I do good with search engines but the area of hypocrisy is my Calendar and Contacts.  Google apps are used for their cross-platform support and speed.  I can see my calendar on my smartphones,  Apple laptops, Linux computers and Windows 10’s.  Who knows what Google is doing with our personal contacts and calendar information.  I need to start looking for a safer replacement.   In the past I used Zoho for my calendar and Contacts with my smartphone around 2012-2013.  It’s not clear why I switched to Google calendar but it was probably because of the Android platform for my smartphones.    

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