One of my own computers has been getting slow when I access one of the three hard drives in it.  It used to respond immediately and recently it lagged many seconds to open files or even locate them.  When I was in the same room with it two days ago, I heard the unmistakable noise of a failing hard drive. It was a clicking and grinding metal sound,  I discovered the failing drive was the temp one and not my critical ones which get backed up often.  

Today it was responded when placed in one of my workstations and tested with a disk utility. It passed tests but no data could be found.  Luckily, I lost files I’ll miss but not critical business or personal ones.  Those get backed up often.  Had I investigated earlier on the slow response, I probably could have backed it up and saved the data. I let it go on too long

Have you lost a hard drive?  how did you handle it? 

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