I visited a new Fort Wayne computer repair client with an Internet problem this week. About two weeks ago, their Windows 10 Dell desktop computer lost its Internet browsing capability on their home Verizon wireless router. The smart-phones in the house seemed ok on their router and my laptop connected via an ethernet cable to the internet without problems. 

The first issue I found was the desktop computer had an ethernet cable running between it and the router. This would be the best choice for internet connectivity since the router is near the computer. The owner was also trying to connect it to the wireless network without realizing the ethernet cable was there. I disabled the wireless network adapter on the computer in Control Panel, but still couldn’t connect to the internet. I manually renewed the IP address and it fixed the problem.

The second issue was the the age of their old Frontier router which came from their internet provider.  We estimated it was 7 years old and needs replaced. The older a router is, the more likley it will have issues and It may be causing their problems.

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