A long-time computer client told me they were experiencing problems with the internet on their new windows 10 computer I set up this week.  When I was working on it, it seemed fine so I asked questions to find out more. It seems to only happen during periods of computer inactivity when they walk away from the computer. While they are using it, it works great. I connected remotely and checked the new computer’s settings and turned off the sleep mode of the network card. I also checked for a newer driver for the card and found none. The computer went off-line when I let it set idle so the problem was not resolved.

After talking further with my client, I discovered the previous computer did the same thing. This tells me the problem is with the Frontier DSL modem/router or the data line coming into the building.  To resolve the issue my client turns the power off and on the modem/router and it works until the computer sits idle again. My feeling was the modem/router was the problem. They also told me her Frontier voice line has a high-pitched whine when they use it.

I called Frontier support and started the troubleshooting process with them. They ran a line test and found a problem and dispatched a technician for the next day. I checked back with my client yesterday and a technician was installed a new fiber optic line into the building. Good thing I called Frontier because I knew it wasn’t the computer.

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