A business client of mine texted me last week about losing the internet connection on their Windows computer. It occurs intermittently – sometimes at startup and sometimes after it sits idle, but other times it’s good all day.  Luckily, I have a remote control program installed which allowed me to work on the computer via the internet after my client was gone for the day. This way they could get some work done on the computer. The security software was checked and it was found to be current and continuously checking for viruses. The web browser, Chrome, had an unwanted search engine set as the main one and it was removed. Chrome also had the Maps Galaxy extension installed and it was deleted.

Finally, it was time to investigate his network adapter for the driver and power settings. Device manager was used and I found a newer driver on-line and it was installed. Additionally, the power save mode was found enabled so I disabled it to prevent the network adapter from sleeping. Just to be sure the problem was solved, I checked over the weekend and early this morning and the computer was still on-line which is a good indication,  I will contact them in a few days to see if the situation has improved.

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