One of my clients has a business where they go to homes and businesses to perform their service. They have a desktop computer and a flip-phone but no smartphone. One of the companies he works with requires they now have a means to receive email while they are in the field. My client can’t get his email on the flip-phone so another device was needed.

His family bought him a iPad tablet with a cellular data plan which should work. I made a service call yesterday to setup his email and show him how to use it. It went very smooth thanks to me keeping track of his email account information in my records.

Some of you may have gone the smartphone route and for some people that may work. My client would have been confused with a new device that he’d have to use for phone calls and email. He gets many phone calls and his flip-phone is the best choice for him. I feel their new iPad choice was a good one for email because he probably won’t get many messages in the field so he won’t have to use it too much.

They could also have gone the laptop route and that may have worked also.

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