Many networkers have told me that video is the best way to reach people on social media and so I started posting videos around 2009 for my Fort Wayne computer repair business. For some reason I stopped doing computer ones. but I still do personal ones.

My wife took a video of me on her iPhone a week ago and I wanted to post it on my YouTube channel. It didn’t seem like it was going to be a big deal, but was I wrong. Tthe Android platform is my usual device and I am not as familiar with iPhones.  First thing she tried was to email the video to me, but I never received it. No errors were received on her end and I suspect the video was too large. Next, an iCloud account was created for myself with the intent to copy the video to the iCloud account on the iPhone and this failed.   Next, we connected the iPhone to one of my Linux computers with its USB and failed too.  Her Dropbox was attempted next and it failed because it was full. The way the video finally got posted to my YouTube account was logging into Google as me on her iPhone. Then I could upload the video from her photos app to my YouTube. 

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