There are many ways to save time using a computer and the keyboard is where we start today. Most of us use an external mouse or laptop trackpad to open documents, start programs and close programs. I do the same, but I also use the keyboard to do some tasks that the mouse can perform. My hands are usually already on the keyboard so using it to do household tasks is faster.

After working on a computer for a while, I usually have many apps and windows open. To close  them the mouse can be used but a better method is the keyboard shortcut using the F4 key.  In Microsoft Windows it’s Alt F4.  This means hold the Alt key down while pressing the F4 key on the top row .  On Linux computers use the same combination : Alt F4.  Beware the window you want to close has to be the active window or you’ll close the wrong one.

So the next time you want to close a program or window, use the Alt F4 combination instead of the mouse.  

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