This week I was setting up a new Windows 10 desktop computer for one of my home clients.  I set up security software, web browsers, a media player and then transferred data from the previous computer to the new one. 

I asked my client to test the new computer and they proceeded to check their banking web site and log into it.  The first obstacle was proving to their bank it was a legitimate login attempt. It complained that my client had never logged in from their new computer which is true.  We got the new computer authorized by sending a code to their smartphone. Next, my client was entering numerical information into one of the fields using the accountants keypad on the keyboard.  The field was selected by clicking it with the mouse and they started typing. “It won’t take my account number.”  Nothing was appearing on the screen and after looking at the keyboard, I realized the Num Lock key wasn’t enabled for the keypad located on the upper left. Once it was pressed, numbers appeared as they typed. There usually is a way to permanently enable the Num Lock feature for accountants keypad in the computer’s BIOS setup.

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