The usual way people interact with graphical user interface computers like Microsoft Windows is with the mouse. Moving, pointing, clicking, and scrolling the mouse allows us to get our computer work done. Another way to interact is the keyboard and many shortcuts exist which can be faster than the mouse. 

One keyboard shortcut I have used for over 25 years makes it easy to rotate through all the open programs one at a time on the desktop. The keystrokes are Alt-Tab and it is executed by holding the Alt key down and tapping the Tab key.  One open program at a time will be shown on the screen each time the Tab key is pressed.  I must use every day on any Windows computer. The neat thing is it works and Linux computers, too.

Try it on your Windows and Linux computers and see if Alt-Tab is faster than moving the mouse cursor all over the desktop and taskbar clicking and searching for the running program icons.

IBM Thinkpad Audio controls

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